Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting started

I have decided to start a new blog simply because what I am trying to do, doesn't really fit into the mish mash that is "Nati's Cooking Adventures". I am still going to post there from time to time, when I have recipes that do not fit into this blog.

The purpose of this blog will be to post experimental recipes whether they be hit or misses. I thought it would be good to post the flops as well as the successful recipes so that others could learn from my mistakes.

I'm sure many have wondered what would happen when this ingredient was replaced by this other ingredient, and if it can be done successfully. We'll see eh?

So why am I doing this? Well for some years now I have known that wheat is not my friend. This realisation came to me when I stopped eating wheat as a suggestion by my Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. After many years of suffering, the terrible symptoms I had been attributing solely to hormonal problems, just disappeared. After a while of eating wheat, the symptoms would return. So I stopped, and was trouble free.

However when I became pregnant in 2010, I started to eat wheat again to satisfy some cravings. I found that wheat seemed to have no effect on my body any more. However that did not last and seven months after giving birth the symptoms returned with a vengeance. I guess that wheat and my hormones combined, were turning against me.

I really have no choice but to stay away from wheat. I am not celiac, I can have some forms of gluten without any problems. I eat spelt bread all the time, and my body is happy with it. It seems that only the highly processed wheat grain is the culprit, not gluten itself.

So here I am, with a new blog, that will document (even if it is only for myself), my dabbling in wheat free, sometimes gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free cooking and baking.

Please note that I have no training in any area which is nutrition related. The opinions and conclusions given in this blog will have been derived from reading which I have done and my own thoughts and observations.


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